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Digital services


The first impression of your brand could be a digital one.

We’ll help you get this right.

GMV - Bubble white right flickDesigning or refreshing your site

GMV - Bubble white right flickCreating engaging content

GMV - Bubble white right flickAdvising the right social media for your brand

GMV - Bubble white right flickManaging your day-to-day social media

GMV - Bubble white right flickHosting and maintaining your website

Business planning


Success starts with a clearly defined and achievable plan.

We’ll help develop your business potential.

 GMV - Bubble white right flickIdentifying your customers needs

GMV - Bubble white right flickAnalysing the competition

GMV - Bubble white right flickDeveloping your competitive advantage (your USP)

GMV - Bubble white right flickCreating manageable plans

GMV - Bubble white right flickSupport in implementation

Customer engagement


Understanding customers, leads to targeted marketing.

We’ll help you develop positive engagement.

GMV - Bubble white right flickWriting targeted communications

GMV - Bubble white right flickEnhancing your brands visibility

GMV - Bubble white right flickCreating promotional calendars

GMV - Bubble white right flickMeasuring results

GMV - Bubble white right flickMentoring you and your team

Welcome to Get Me Visual.
We’re a hands-on team passionate about marketing and building brands.

We help businesses based in the South East to profitably develop their marketing potential.

We develop strategies and marketing plans, create digital solutions, initiate targeted communications and offer support to put them all into practice.

We’re inquisitive about other people’s businesses and always start by listening and learning. Together we’ll create tailored, and practical solutions to meet your budget and business challenges.

Our knowledge and experience comes from managing global and nationally recognised brands and we keep updated in the evolving digital world. If you need practical, effective and measurable marketing solutions for your brand or simply don’t know where to start contact Get Me Visual today and we’ll help you.

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